Top 7 Super Bowl Host Cities

Super Bowl, being one of the biggest sporting events of America has always attracted lots of enthusiastic travelers from all across the globe. During this time, the so-called Super Bowl Host Cities completely transform themselves in order to offer you the ultimate charm and appeal. For an instance, a Super Bowl Host City turns its street names to corporate sponsors and most of the locally owned businesses turn to Bud light stands. So, if you are just wondering which cities can offer you the best sporting spirit of Super Bowl, then look no further as you have landed to the right page. In this article, you will reveal the insightful details of top 7 Super Bowl Host Cities.

New Orleans

Among the list of Super Bowl host cities, New Orleans features to hold the top-most position. This is because – this city has the capability to throw any grand party and it’s adept enough to host big sporting events. That’s why New Orleans is universally adored and widely acknowledged to be the best Super Howl Host City.


Although, Houston is a small swell town. But, it’s the fine place to host any grand sporting event including Super Bowl. One of the most popular stadiums in this city is the famous NRG Stadium. So, in order to watch the Live matches of Super Bowl, you can visit Houston & the NRG Stadium.


Miami has another important stadium – the Hard Rock Stadium. The only complaint about this Hard Rock Stadium is that it’s not that close to the downtown. Plus, this stadium has undergone a recent renovation and it’s ready to offer you an ultimate comfort, pleasure, and thrills of Super Bowl.


This city is famous for its awesome stadium – Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The Mercedes-Benz Stadium is close to the downtown (about one mile) and it has the full capability to host the big events like Super Bowl.

Los Angeles

This city is considered to be a perfect Super Bowl locale. Here, the enthusiastic viewers can watch the exciting Super Bowl matches under the glorious California sunshine & then in the cast of darkness (during the final half).

San Diego

You have probably heard that San Diego is famous for its beaches, parks & warm climate. In addition to that, this renowned city is the perfect destination for the Super Bowl Viewers. San Diego features an advanced & well-furnished stadium – Qualcomm Stadium where the Super Bowl matches are held.


The city of Indianapolis offers a myriad of tourist attractions including hotel rooms, countless bars, dozens of restaurants, a movie theater, and the famous Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Super Bowl matches are hosted).

The Final Verdict

With this, you have now revealed the descriptions of top 7 Super Bowl Host Cities and their famous stadiums. So, if you are a passionate viewer of Super Bowl, then the aforementioned cities will be a perfect tourist destination for you!

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